About Me


Hey, y’all!! Welcome, welcome!

I’m Sara McFerrin, wife, mother, grandmother and author (in that order). I mostly write Southern cozy mysteries, but I have written a novel and a non-fiction book too.

I’m an Alabama native who now lives in Apalachicola, FL, with my husband of 58 years. Over that period of time, and more recently with the help of the Food Network, I’ve perfected my culinary skills, and can put a tasty dish or two on the table.

If I could be a specialty cook, I’d be a saucier. As we all know, a saucier is a cook or chef who specializes in making sauces. Of course, it is common knowledge that there is no better sauce than gravy. Just plain ole made-from-meat-drippings kind of gravy. Can’t beat it! But how about a red wine sauce? A coulis made from puréed fruit or vegetables? Or a white-based sauce called a  béchamel. We’ll be talking about sauce making and sharing recipes.

And my other love is plants. Especially potted plants. Are you familiar with a fruit cocktail shrimp plant? I have one, and I’ll tell you how I came to find it, and how I’ve learned the hard way that they don’t like to be overwatered. My son grows citrus in pots, and I’ll be sharing his tips on how to get the best from your plants. Another friend grows orchids. She makes it easy and will be sharing her secrets with us.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you.  Oh, I almost forgot, I will be sharing with you the things I’ve learned about coastal living. Believe you me, it is different than anything I’ve ever experienced. You’re going to love to hear how an Alabama gal who loves the changing of the seasons copes with warm weather all year round.

Follow me and we’ll cook up something extraordinary, grow phenomenal plants, and leave our footprints in the sand. 


Oh, and you can find my books in local bookstores such as Downtown Books and Purl and online at Amazon.