Word pictures of heart and soul… especially Southern soul.


A very kind person recently left a comment on my author’s page that started me thinking about word pictures.

Although painting pictures with words is what writing books is all about, one doesn’t have to be an author to be creative with words. Since spoken or written words are as near as a tongue or a fingertip, we are all word artist in our own rite. Kind gentle words paint pleasant pictures. Harsh words paint hurtful pictures. Everyone knows so very well how, whether thoughtful or critical, a word affects ones heart and soul.  

I choose words that convey sweet, soothing, messages. Just for fun let’s paint lovely pictures together.

A new day dawns and hope lifts weighty troubles off weary shoulders. Today is a day to be glad.

14 050a


Soon daffodils will trumpet their joy. Crocuses will begin to stir beneath a cozy blanket of snow. In a well-tended flowerbed planted nearly one hundred years ago, thawing tulips and hyacinths are awakened by spring’s gentle call.



We in the Florida panhandle have experienced an unusually cold December and January. Even so, the sunsets are grandiose; predictable tides continue to ebb and flow. Sandy, shell-littered beaches overseen by brazen, inquisitive seagulls offer solitude if one cares to walk-off nagging concerns.

Apr 8 SGI 007

 Dec 24 sgi 063


The bar-b-q grill is covered and cold. Winter is all about roasted root vegetables, hearty casseroles, hot chocolate, and thick, tasty stews. Kitchens fill with warm, tantalizing aromas as cinnamon rolls bake in the oven.







The first house  I remember from my childhood was an old house…the kind with dark oak wainscoting and a staircase in the foyer. I guess that happy days in this house with my mother and father instilled in me an undeniable love for old houses. Here is a description of old Southern homes from my last book, “The Ghost of Stupid Mistakes.” Did I paint a pretty picture?

“Ivy covered embankments, trimmed boxwood hedges, and islands of yellow jonquils scattered under magnolias embellished old, but well-kept, two-story Southern homes.”

Thomasville 048


Thomasville 084


January is almost over. How can it be? Wasn’t yesterday Christmas Day? I’m looking forward to February…the love month.

Romance is defined as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Valentine’s Day reminds me of romance. Romance as I knew it when I was young is not the same today. Paint a word picture about romance as you see it.

x rose




Every Southern lady includes food in everything she does (I think it is a law that is written somewhere). Just last week my daughter and I shared a slice of pecan praline cheesecake at The Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, Fl.

May I share it with you?

You’re welcome.



Keep on painting with words.  Master the art of pleasant, inspiring word pictures. Find me at:  saramcferrin.com  or on Instagram















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