Make New Friends, But Keep The Old


When everything’s said and done, how many good friends remain over a lifetime?

Last week, my friend Tonya and her friend Teresa came from Alabama to spend a few days in our little town. Apalachicola, Florida, lies on the banks of the Apalachicola River where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. It is, among other things, an artsy-fartsy town blessed with writers and artists of various sorts. Karen White’s “Flight Patterns” is set in Apalach. Tonya is a fan of Karen’s and wanted to see places that are part of her story.

Here’s a selfie taken with the pier at Lafayette Park in the background. We didn’t walk all the way to the end because some folks were fishing, and we didn’t want to disturb them. And it’s a long way down there.


It is the off-season here. The summer vacationers have gone home to get their kids in school, and the snowbirds aren’t expected until December. They usually stay until April when things begin to warm up. Tonya and Teresa pretty much had the Coombs House to themselves. They loved staying in the old house that has been beautifully restored.


Another of their favorite places was the garden shop on Market Street.

Tonya bought a wind chime made from shells for her sunroom in Alabama.


We have an old-fashioned ice-cream soda fountain here. Reminds me of the drug stores in Gadsden, Alabama, where I grew up in the 40s and 50s. We went in to look around but didn’t get anything since we’d just had tupelo lemonade at the Chocolate Shop just down the street.


We had fun visiting, catching up, eating too much of the wrong things, and laughing a lot.

Tonya is a retired hairdresser. She ran a shop for years and years.

We all know the value of a beautician that gives a perfect haircut. Did I hear somebody say, “No. Still looking”?  Well, Tonya cut my hair for many years, and nobody else has come close to cutting my hair like she does. She knows how to feather on the sides. She layers my hair so that it brings out the natural curl and makes me feel like I look good whether I really do or not. Isn’t that what a good haircut does? Makes you feel pretty?

On the morning that Tonya and Teresa headed to Port St. Joe to turn at The Thirsty Goat, and north onto Highway 71, I went to say good-bye to these two precious friends.

We’d talked about me getting a haircut for three days, but there just hadn’t been a good time for it. In-between trips to load the car, Tonya did her magic as I sat with a towel around my shoulders on the front porch of the Coombs House.

The proof is in the pudding, as the ole saying goes. Two days later, I met friends at the Tapas Bar for a snack before attending an art show. Both Cathy and Terry commented on how good my hair looked. They marveled at the feathering on the sides that looked like a duck’s feathers hugging its body. Tonya’s magic touch!

Thanks to Tonya for the haircut, and thanks to her and Teresa for coming my way.

Good friends, good times, sharing and blessing. Cherish good friends and be a good friend to others.


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5 thoughts on “Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

    • I should have taken a photo of the feathering. There is little that I’d like better than seeing you and your boys again. Although I’d probably cry and cry. You and your family are so dear to me.


  1. Tonya Wilson

    There is nothing like having a tour guide that is a dear friend….loved Appalachicola….can’t wait for our next visit#tupelohoneytoesinthesandseafood


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